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HamTestOnline Terms and Conditions

  • You must be connected to the Internet to use HamTestOnline, as it is a web-based system.
  • Each subscription provides online access for one person to the specified courses for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  Subscriptions cannot be shared.
    However, we do make one exception to this rule: we allow a group to share one account when they are learning the materials together at the same time.  For example, we encourage this practice as a way for adults and children to spend quality time together in a ham radio context.  This can also be useful in a classroom setting.  Just be aware that all students must study together at all times.  If some students forge ahead, the software provides no way for the others to catch up.  For sharing to work, it must be a group effort 100% of the time!
    Please note that group study is not as effective as individual study with our software, because repetition is not customized to the individual.  Some group members might find it helpful to have their own individual accounts and review the materials on their own.
  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  If you fail an amateur radio license exam after preparing on the HamTestOnline website, or if you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, we will refund the cost of your subscription.  See our refund policy for specifics.
  • While we make every effort to keep the website running, and while we keep offsite backups of the database, we make no specific promise of availability.  The only guarantee we make is that we will refund the cost of your subscription if you are dissatisfied with our service.
  • As with most activities, there are dangers in ham radio.  For example, you could get electrocuted or fall and die while erecting or maintaining antennas.  It is your responsibility to understand all the dangers and use appropriate caution.  Our liability is limited to the price paid for the subscription.

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