Happy New Year!

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Ham Radio Saves Lives bumper stickerThe HamTestOnline™ team wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Here's what's happening with us:

HamTestOnline™ 2015 in review

  • We passed another milestone — we've now given away more than 100,000 of our popular Ham Radio Saves Lives bumper stickers.  (Click here to get one — free!)
  • Our Ham It Forward™ program is growing, as many clubs are supplementing or replacing their instructor-led classes with our online course.  (Click here to find out how your club can get our Technician courses for just $15 per student and Ham It Forward to the next generation!)
  • The end of the year is nearWe updated our General course to cover the new General class question pool, effective July 1, 2015.
  • We recently added Krys, KG7ZKO, to our support team.  She's quickly coming up to speed, and is already handling dozens of email every day!

HamTestOnline™ plans for 2016

  • As Krys assumes the primary role in support, Patrick, W2ZAU, will be transitioning into his new role as Marketing Manager.
  • John, W1AI, and Christina, KT1NA, will soon start working on the new Extra class question pool (effective date July 1, 2016).

    This pool will be slightly larger than the existing pool, so if you don't have your Extra yet, this is the perfect time to upgrade — before the new pool goes into effect.  Six months is plenty of time!  (Remember, Christina passed all three exams in a single session after only 6 weeks of study!)  How about a New Year's Resolution to achieve the Extra before the question pool changes!

    If we already helped you pass the Extra, please feel free to share your success story with others (wink, nudge)!

    Some reasons to upgrade to Extra:
    • To have access to all ham frequencies, including the less crowded Advanced and Extra portions of the bands.  Some of the best DX is in the Extra segments.
    • To get a shorter call sign, which can be a big advantage when working a pileup.
    • To have full reciprocal operating privileges when you travel to CEPT countries (Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, etc.).
    • So you can administer all exam levels as a Volunteer Examiner.
    • As a stepping stone for broadcast engineers to obtain the Certified Broadcast Technologist certification.
    • It sets your college application or resume apart from the crowd.
    • Exercise your brain!  Any day you don't learn something new is a wasted day!
  • In 2016 we'll strive to meet our mission statement every day, to provide the best study method, customer support, and guarantee in the industry!

Feel free to respond to this email with comments for the HamTestOnline™ team.  We love feedback!

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Christina, KT1NA
Owner/General Manager

John, W1AI

Patrick, W2ZAU
Marketing Manager

Krys, KG7ZKO
Customer Support

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