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May Day Ham Radio!


Connect to HamTestOnline on social media for a chance to win a BaoFeng UV-5R Dual-Band Ham Radio!


UPDATE: Congratulations to Kiran Shila, KJ4EYN, the happy winner of the May Day ham radio!


To encourage more fans to connect to us on the social media sites, we decided to give away a radio!

Christina likes her new Baofeng UV-5R so much, she's decided to give one like it to some lucky winner!On May Day, May 1, 2013, we randomly selected one lucky winner from all the HamTestOnline fans on the various social media sites.  No purchase necessary.  To enter this drawing, just connect to us on one or more of the following:

  • Like us on Facebook:

  • Add us to your Google+ circles:

  • Follow us on Twitter:

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    HamTestOnline on LinkedIn

Connect on more than one to multiply your chances!

Note: We have not yet purchased the actual radio.  The one in the picture is mine!  These radios are still new, and as of this writing, there are only 12 reviews on reviews.  We are keeping an eye on the reviews and reserve the right to switch to a similar radio (e.g., UV-5R, UV-5RE, F-11, or even a Wouxun) if we don't like what we see!

Please note that these are most hams consider these to be to be fairly good, reasonably functional handhelds, but you should not expect it to have all the high-end features and ease of use of a $300 radio.

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