The HamTestOnline™ website offers a rich set of practice exam options:

Practice exams - Question pool

Select your desired element in the drop-down box.  These question pools are currently online:

Question pool Effective dates Question pool size Questions on the test Minimum correct to pass Maximum incorrect to pass
Technician Class 7/01/2022 - 6/30/2026 411 35 26 9
General Class 7/01/2023 - 6/30/2027 429 35 26 9
OLD Extra Class 7/01/2020 - 6/30/2024 621 50 37 13
NEW Extra Class 7/01/2024 - 6/30/2028 602 50 37 13

Each element is divided into 10 subelements — these are the "topics" shown on the Choose topics screen.  The subelements are further divided into groups, each of which contains from 10 to 20 pool questions.  The actual exams contain exactly one question from each group.  (There are 35 groups in the Technician pool, 35 in the General pool, and 50 in the Extra pool.)

Practice exams - Exam type

  • Simulated exam. Like the real test, and like the practice tests on other websites, simulated exams include one randomly selected question from each question pool group.  Simulated exams are not a good way to study unfamiliar material, but once you've completed the study materials, they are great at giving you confidence before the real test.  Study mode is the best way to learn new materials.
  • True random.  These tests choose questions at random without regard to question pool groups, giving you a more even distribution of questions — you get questions in large groups just as often as ones in small groups.  True random exams are slightly better than simulated exams if you want to memorize all the answers, but neither is a good way to learn.
  • Focus on your weak areas. These focus exams start with questions that our “intelligent repetition” software feels are due to be asked again. Once all overdue items are used up, previously unseen items are presented. If these are exhausted, “intelligent repetition” chooses questions to fill out the exam.
  • Focus on your unseen items. These focus exams start with questions you have never seen before (on our website). Once these are exhausted, the "intelligent repetition" algorithm decides what other questions should be asked.

True random and focus exams do not try to include one question from each group. For example, if your weak area is the regulations, you will see a lot of questions about the regulations on the weak areas focus exam.

Practice exams - Most-frequently-asked

It's crunch time! Your exam date is looming, and you're not ready! Which questions should you concentrate on? The ones that are most likely to be on your exam, of course!

Your actual exam will have exactly one question from each group. Therefore, the probability of seeing any one specific question on the real exam depends on the size of its group. You can restrict our practice exams to the 25%, 50%, or 75% of the questions that most frequently appear on real exams.

We're not encouraging you to study only a subset of the questions. We're just giving you the option.

Practice exams - Most-frequently-missed

We have statistics gathered from over 140 million responses on our website.  We know which questions people get wrong most often!

You can restrict our practice exams to the 25%, 50%, or 75% of the questions that are most frequently missed by other students.  Think you have the material mastered? Try one of these practice tests!

Practice exams - Selected subtopics

Want to choose your own topics to concentrate on? Check this box and use the Choose topics screen to specify which topics are included.

Note: If your combination of restrictions is too tight, to make a full-sized exam the system may be forced to include some questions that do not meet all your criteria.