Where to Take the Ham Radio Exam?

HamTestOnline does not administer the amateur radio exams.

To obtain or upgrade a ham radio license, you must attend an exam session administered by a Volunteer Examiner (VE) team.  The good news is that most people don't have to travel far.  In fact, some VE teams will administer your ham radio exam online!

In-person testing

You can click here to see whether in-person exams are being held in your area.  Only enter the zip code, and optionally a distance in the dropdown box to the right, otherwise you may get no results on this screen.

We strongly encourage you to stay in communication with the contact for your in-person exam session, as some sessions do get cancelled at the last minute.

Also, don't forget to bring earplugs, because in-person exam sessions can be noisy.

Online testing

Many other VE teams are offering remote exams using Zoom and similar tools.

You can click here to find an online exam session.

We encourage you to sign up in advance, because the number of sessions available is limited.  Also, a looming exam date is an excellent motivator to study every day!



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