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HamTestOnline Course Structure

The HamTestOnline system is designed to help students understand the questions and answers, learn the answers, and pass the ham radio license exams without requiring any additional study materials.

However, HamTestOnline can also be a great add-on to a ham radio class.  Let our software focus on question drill, so you can spend more time teaching interesting topics like how to choose radios and antennas, what to say on the radio, special events, special operations, soldering connectors, etc.  Your students are anxious to learn about ham radio, rather than just the exam question pools!

HamTestOnline teaches the ham radio materials in our own logical learning order designed to define terms before they are used, and teach easier questions before the harder ones.  Instructors who are using HamTestOnline as the home study portion in conjunction with instructor-led classes will want to know exactly what order we teach things in.  You can get that information from the View Courses screen by using "Course order" as the sort order.  You may also want to use the "Lesson plans" feature to break the course into a specific number of modules.  Be aware that we are constantly revising and improving the courses, so we may alter the teaching order from time to time, especially when updating a course to cover a recently updated question pool.

Instructors should also be aware that we give quantity discounts!  Give all your students the best question drill at home to go along with your excellent classroom instruction!  See the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) page for information on quantity discounts.

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