Online courses for the ham radio license exams.

Ham Radio Exam Courses 

What is it?
  • Online courses for the U.S. ham radio license exams.
How long does it take?
  • Depending on your background and memory, most students pass easily after:
    • Technician (entry-level) class license exam: 10 hours
    • General class license exam: 20 hours
    • Extra class license exam: 30 hours
How does it work?
  • Like books, we provide study materials.
  • Like practice tests, we drill the actual exam questions and answers.
  • Our cyber-tutor tracks your progress and focuses on your personal weak areas.
  • It's a powerful combination.  Just ask our students!
What does it cost?
  • A 2-year subscription to the Technician course is $24.95.  See price list for other courses.
  • We cost about the same as the amateur radio license manuals, and we provide a lot more value.
Guaranteed way to pass the FCC amateur radio exams!
Ham radio study materials, exam questions, and tutor.
How do I know it works?
  • Read awesome feedback from our students.
  • We have more 5-star user reviews on than all other study methods combined!
  • Try for yourself — the first 50 questions are free.
  • Success guaranteed — if you fail the amateur radio license exam, we refund your subscription!

Why an online course?
  • Better than amateur radio license manuals — our interactive question drill keeps you awake.
  • Better than practice exams — we teach the materials.
  • Better than amateur radio classes — available 7×24, whenever you want to study.
  • All you need is a browser.  Nothing to download or install.  You are free to login from anywhere.
  • Always 100% up-to-date with the latest question pool changes.
  • Our database of over 50 million question responses tells us where to focus your study time!
  • Why memorize the answers with practice exams, when you could learn about amateur radio!

LEARN not memorize!

What is ham radio?

Which ham radio license exam should I take?

Ham radio exam study tips

Why our FREE ham radio practice exams are the best


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Note: In 2007 the FCC eliminated the Morse code requirement for all classes of amateur radio licenses.  Of course, while there are no more Morse code exams, lots of ham radio operators still use Morse code, and you're free to join in.  Read reviews on eHam of various Morse code tutoring programs (including some excellent free ones).  Once you've learned the code, a great way to improve your speed is to practice by contacting other newbies.  There's always someone calling a slow CQ in the Novice segments, and they're as eager to practice as you are.  I say it doesn't matter how fast you copied the code when you took your amateur radio exam — what matters is how often you use it today.

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