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  • Depending on your background and memory, most students pass easily after:
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    • 30 study hours for the Extra class license exam.

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Note: In 2007 the FCC eliminated the Morse code examination requirement for all classes of amateur radio licenses.  Of course, while there are no more Morse code exams, lots of ham radio operators still use Morse code, and you're free to join in.  Read reviews on eHam of various Morse code tutoring software (including some excellent free ones).  Once you've learned Morse code, a great way to improve your speed is to practice by contacting other new hams.  There's always a few amateur radio operators calling a slow CQ in the Novice segments (now open to all Technician class hams!), and they're as eager to practice as you are.  We say it doesn't matter how fast you copied Morse code when you took your amateur radio exams — what matters is how often you use Morse code today.