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effective 7/01/2014 thru 6/30/2018

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T8D-2014: Non-voice communications: image signals; digital modes; CW; packet; PSK31; APRS; error detection and correction; NTSC

T8D01-2014: Which of the following is an example of a digital communications method?

All of these choices are correct




T8D02-2014: What does the term “APRS” mean?

Automatic Packet Reporting System

Associated Public Radio Station

Auto Planning Radio Set-up

Advanced Polar Radio System

T8D03-2014: Which of the following devices provides data to the transmitter when sending automatic position reports from a mobile amateur radio station?

A Global Positioning System receiver

The vehicle speedometer

A WWV receiver

A connection to a broadcast FM sub-carrier receiver

T8D04-2014: What type of transmission is indicated by the term NTSC?

An analog fast scan color TV signal

A Normal Transmission mode in Static Circuit

A special mode for earth satellite uplink

A frame compression scheme for TV signals

T8D05-2014: Which of the following is an application of APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)?

Providing real time tactical digital communications in conjunction with a map showing the locations of stations

Showing automatically the number of packets transmitted via PACTOR during a specific time interval

Providing voice over Internet connection between repeaters

Providing information on the number of stations signed into a repeater

T8D06-2014: What does the abbreviation PSK mean?

Phase Shift Keying

Pulse Shift Keying

Packet Short Keying

Phased Slide Keying

T8D07-2014: What is PSK31?

A low-rate data transmission mode

A high-rate data transmission mode

A method of reducing noise interference to FM signals

A method of compressing digital television signals

T8D08-2014: Which of the following may be included in packet transmissions?

All of these choices are correct

A check sum which permits error detection

A header which contains the call sign of the station to which the information is being sent

Automatic repeat request in case of error

T8D09-2014: What code is used when sending CW in the amateur bands?

International Morse




T8D10-2014: Which of the following can be used to transmit CW in the amateur bands?

All of these choices are correct

Straight Key

Electronic Keyer

Computer Keyboard

T8D11-2014: What is an ARQ transmission system?

A digital scheme whereby the receiving station detects errors and sends a request to the sending station to retransmit the information

A special transmission format limited to video signals

A system used to encrypt command signals to an amateur radio satellite

A method of compressing the data in a message so more information can be sent in a shorter time

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