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Technician Class Exam Question Pool

effective 7/01/2014 thru 6/30/2018

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T7A-2014: Station equipment: receivers; transmitters; transceivers; modulation; transverters; low power and weak signal operation; transmit and receive amplifiers

T7A01-2014: Which term describes the ability of a receiver to detect the presence of a signal?




Total Harmonic Distortion

T7A02-2014: What is a transceiver?

A unit combining the functions of a transmitter and a receiver

A type of antenna switch

A component in a repeater which filters out unwanted interference

A type of antenna matching network

T7A03-2014: Which of the following is used to convert a radio signal from one frequency to another?


Phase splitter



T7A04-2014: Which term describes the ability of a receiver to discriminate between multiple signals?


Discrimination ratio


Harmonic Distortion

T7A05-2014: What is the name of a circuit that generates a signal of a desired frequency?


Reactance modulator

Product detector

Low-pass filter

T7A06-2014: What device takes the output of a low-powered 28 MHz SSB exciter and produces a 222 MHz output signal?


High-pass filter

Low-pass filter

Phase converter

T7A07-2014: What is meant by term “PTT”?

The push to talk function which switches between receive and transmit

Pre-transmission tuning to reduce transmitter harmonic emission

Precise tone transmissions used to limit repeater access to only certain signals

A primary transformer tuner use to match antennas

T7A08-2014: Which of the following describes combining speech with an RF carrier signal?


Impedance matching


Low-pass filtering

T7A09-2014: Which of the following devices is most useful for VHF weak-signal communication?

A multi-mode VHF transceiver

A quarter-wave vertical antenna

An omni-directional antenna

A mobile VHF FM transceiver

T7A10-2014: What device increases the low-power output from a handheld transceiver?

An RF power amplifier

A voltage divider

An impedance network

All of these choices are correct

T7A11-2014: Where is an RF preamplifier installed?

Between the antenna and receiver

At the output of the transmitter's power amplifier

Between a transmitter and antenna tuner

At the receiver's audio output

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