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Technician Class Exam Question Pool

effective 7/01/2014 thru 6/30/2018

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T6D-2014: Component functions: rectification; switches; indicators; power supply components; resonant circuit; shielding; power transformers; integrated circuits

T6D01-2014: Which of the following devices or circuits changes an alternating current into a varying direct current signal?





T6D02-2014: What best describes a relay?

A switch controlled by an electromagnet

A current controlled amplifier

An optical sensor

A pass transistor

T6D03-2014: What type of switch is represented by component 3 in figure T2?

Single-pole single-throw

Single-pole double-throw

Double-pole single-throw

Double-pole double-throw

T6D04-2014: Which of the following can be used to display signal strength on a numeric scale?





T6D05-2014: What type of circuit controls the amount of voltage from a power supply?




Phase inverter

T6D06-2014: What component is commonly used to change 120V AC house current to a lower AC voltage for other uses?


Variable capacitor



T6D07-2014: Which of the following is commonly used as a visual indicator?



Zener diode

Bipolar transistor

T6D08-2014: Which of the following is used together with an inductor to make a tuned circuit?



Zener diode


T6D09-2014: What is the name of a device that combines several semiconductors and other components into one package?

Integrated circuit


Multi-pole relay


T6D10-2014: What is the function of component 2 in Figure T1?

Control the flow of current

Give off light when current flows through it

Supply electrical energy

Convert electrical energy into radio waves

T6D11-2014: What is a simple resonant or tuned circuit?

An inductor and a capacitor connected in series or parallel to form a filter

A type of voltage regulator

A resistor circuit used for reducing standing wave ratio

A circuit designed to provide high fidelity audio

T6D12-2014: Which of the following is a common reason to use shielded wire?

To prevent coupling of unwanted signals to or from the wire

To decrease the resistance of DC power connections

To increase the current carrying capability of the wire

To couple the wire to other signals

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