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Technician Class Exam Question Pool

effective 7/01/2014 thru 6/30/2018

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T6B-2014: Semiconductors: basic principles and applications of solid state devices; diodes and transistors

T6B01-2014: What class of electronic components is capable of using a voltage or current signal to control current flow?





T6B02-2014: What electronic component allows current to flow in only one direction?




Driven Element

T6B03-2014: Which of these components can be used as an electronic switch or amplifier?





T6B04-2014: Which of the following components can be made of three layers of semiconductor material?




Pentagrid converter

T6B05-2014: Which of the following electronic components can amplify signals?


Variable resistor

Electrolytic capacitor

Multi-cell battery

T6B06-2014: How is the cathode lead of a semiconductor diode usually identified?

With a stripe

With the word cathode

With the letter C

All of these choices are correct

T6B07-2014: What does the abbreviation LED stand for?

Light Emitting Diode

Low Emission Diode

Liquid Emission Detector

Long Echo Delay

T6B08-2014: What does the abbreviation FET stand for?

Field Effect Transistor

Fast Electron Transistor

Free Electron Transition

Field Emission Thickness

T6B09-2014: What are the names of the two electrodes of a diode?

Anode and cathode

Plus and minus

Source and drain

Gate and base

T6B10-2014: What are the three electrodes of a PNP or NPN transistor?

Emitter, base, and collector

Source, gate, and drain

Cathode, grid, and plate

Cathode, drift cavity, and collector

T6B11-2014: What at are the three electrodes of a field effect transistor?

Source, gate, and drain

Emitter, base, and collector

Cathode, grid, and plate

Cathode, gate, and anode

T6B12-2014: What is the term that describes a transistor's ability to amplify a signal?


Forward resistance

Forward voltage drop

On resistance

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Technician Class Exam Question Pool
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