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effective 7/01/2014 thru 6/30/2018

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T1F-2014: Station identification; repeaters; third party communications; club stations; FCC inspection

T1F01-2014: What type of identification is being used when identifying a station on the air as Race Headquarters?

Tactical call sign

An official call sign reserved for RACES drills


Broadcast station

T1F02-2014: When using tactical identifiers such as “Race Headquarters” during a community service net operation, how often must your station transmit the station’s FCC-assigned call sign?

At the end of each communication and every ten minutes during a communication

Never, the tactical call is sufficient

Once during every hour

At the end of every transmission

T1F03-2014: When is an amateur station required to transmit its assigned call sign?

At least every 10 minutes during and at the end of a communication

At the beginning of each contact, and every 10 minutes thereafter

At least once during each transmission

At least every 15 minutes during and at the end of a communication

T1F04-2014: Which of the following is an acceptable language to use for station identification when operating in a phone sub-band?

The English language

Any language recognized by the United Nations

Any language recognized by the ITU

English, French, or Spanish

T1F05-2014: What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals?

Send the call sign using CW or phone emission

Send the call sign followed by the indicator RPT

Send the call sign followed by the indicator R

Send the call sign using only phone emission

T1F06-2014: Which of the following formats of a self-assigned indicator is acceptable when identifying using a phone transmission?

All of these choices are correct

KL7CC stroke W3

KL7CC slant W3

KL7CC slash W3

T1F07-2014: Which of the following restrictions apply when a non-licensed person is allowed to speak to a foreign station using a station under the control of a Technician Class control operator?

The foreign station must be one with which the U.S. has a third party agreement

The person must be a U.S. citizen

The licensed control operator must do the station identification

All of these choices are correct

T1F08-2014: Which indicator is required by the FCC to be transmitted after a station call sign?

/KT, /AE or /AG when using new license privileges earned by CSCE while waiting for an upgrade to a previously issued license to appear in the FCC license database

/M when operating mobile

/R when operating a repeater

/ followed the FCC Region number when operating out of the region in which the license was issued

T1F09-2014: What type of amateur station simultaneously retransmits the signal of another amateur station on a different channel or channels?

Repeater station

Beacon station

Earth station

Message forwarding station

T1F10-2014: Who is accountable should a repeater inadvertently retransmit communications that violate the FCC rules?

The control operator of the originating station

The control operator of the repeater

The owner of the repeater

Both the originating station and the repeater owner

T1F11-2014: To which foreign stations do the FCC rules authorize the transmission of non-emergency third party communications?

Any station whose government permits such communications

Those in ITU Region 2 only

Those in ITU Regions 2 and 3 only

Those in ITU Region 3 only

T1F12-2014: How many persons are required to be members of a club for a club station license to be issued by the FCC?

At least 4

At least 5

A trustee and 2 officers

At least 2

T1F13-2014: When must the station licensee make the station and its records available for FCC inspection?

At any time upon request by an FCC representative

At any time ten days after notification by the FCC of such an inspection

Only after failing to comply with an FCC notice of violation

Only when presented with a valid warrant by an FCC official or government agent

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