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effective 7/01/2014 thru 6/30/2018

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T1A-2014: Amateur Radio Service: purpose and permissible use of the Amateur Radio Service; operator/primary station license grant; where FCC rules are codified; basis and purpose of FCC rules; meanings of basic terms used in FCC rules; interference; spectrum management

T1A01-2014: Which of the following is a purpose of the Amateur Radio Service as stated in the FCC rules and regulations?

Advancing skills in the technical and communication phases of the radio art

Providing personal radio communications for as many citizens as possible

Providing communications for international non-profit organizations

All of these choices are correct

T1A02-2014: Which agency regulates and enforces the rules for the Amateur Radio Service in the United States?




Homeland Security

T1A03-2014: Which part of the FCC regulations contains the rules governing the Amateur Radio Service?

Part 97

Part 73

Part 95

Part 90

T1A04-2014: Which of the following meets the FCC definition of harmful interference?

That which seriously degrades, obstructs, or repeatedly interrupts a radio communication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations

Radio transmissions that annoy users of a repeater

Unwanted radio transmissions that cause costly harm to radio station apparatus

Static from lightning storms

T1A05-2014: Which of the following is a purpose of the Amateur Radio Service rules and regulations as defined by the FCC?

Enhancing international goodwill

Providing inexpensive communication for local emergency organizations

Training of operators in military radio operating procedures

All of these choices are correct

T1A06-2014: Which of the following services are protected from interference by amateur signals under all circumstances?

Radionavigation Service

Citizens Radio Service

Broadcast Service

Land Mobile Radio Service

T1A07-2014: What is the FCC Part 97 definition of telemetry?

A one-way transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument

An information bulletin issued by the FCC

A one-way transmission to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a device at a distance

An information bulletin from a VEC

T1A08-2014: Which of the following entities recommends transmit/receive channels and other parameters for auxiliary and repeater stations?

Frequency Coordinator

Frequency Spectrum Manager

FCC Regional Field Office

International Telecommunications Union

T1A09-2014: Who selects a Frequency Coordinator?

Amateur operators in a local or regional area whose stations are eligible to be auxiliary or repeater stations

The FCC Office of Spectrum Management and Coordination Policy

The local chapter of the Office of National Council of Independent Frequency Coordinators

FCC Regional Field Office

T1A10-2014: What is the FCC Part 97 definition of an amateur station?

A station in the Amateur Radio Service consisting of the apparatus necessary for carrying on radio communications

A building where Amateur Radio receivers, transmitters, and RF power amplifiers are installed

Any radio station operated by a non-professional

Any radio station for hobby use

T1A11-2014: When is willful interference to other amateur radio stations permitted?

At no time

Only if the station being interfered with is expressing extreme religious or political views

Only during a contest

At any time, amateurs are not protected from willful interference

T1A12-2014: Which of the following is a permissible use of the Amateur Radio Service?

Allowing a person to conduct radio experiments and to communicate with other licensed hams around the world

Broadcasting music and videos to friends

Providing a way for amateur radio operators to earn additional income by using their stations to pass messages

Providing low-cost communications for start-up businesses

T1A13-2014: What is the FCC Part 97 definition of telecommand?

A one-way transmission to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a device at a distance

An instruction bulletin issued by the FCC

A one-way radio transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument

An instruction from a VEC

T1A14-2014: What must you do if you are operating on the 23 cm band and learn that you are interfering with a radiolocation station outside the United States?

Stop operating or take steps to eliminate the harmful interference

Nothing, because this band is allocated exclusively to the amateur service

Establish contact with the radiolocation station and ask them to change frequency

Change to CW mode, because this would not likely cause interference

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