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effective 7/01/2015 thru 6/30/2019

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2015-G6A: Resistors; Capacitors; Inductors; Rectifiers; solid state diodes and transistors; vacuum tubes; batteries

2015-G6A01: What is the minimum allowable discharge voltage for maximum life of a standard 12 volt lead acid battery?

10.5 volts

6 volts

8.5 volts

12 volts

2015-G6A02: What is an advantage of the low internal resistance of nickel-cadmium batteries?

High discharge current

Long life

High voltage

Rapid recharge

2015-G6A03: What is the approximate junction threshold voltage of a germanium diode?

0.3 volts

0.1 volt

0.7 volts

1.0 volts

2015-G6A04: When is it acceptable to recharge a carbon-zinc primary cell?


As long as the voltage has not been allowed to drop below 1.0 volt

When the cell is kept warm during the recharging period

When a constant current charger is used

2015-G6A05: What is the approximate junction threshold voltage of a conventional silicon diode?

0.7 volts

0.1 volt

0.3 volts

1.0 volts

2015-G6A06: Which of the following is an advantage of using a Schottky diode in an RF switching circuit rather than a standard silicon diode?

Lower capacitance

Lower inductance

Longer switching times

Higher breakdown voltage

2015-G6A07: What are the stable operating points for a bipolar transistor used as a switch in a logic circuit?

Its saturation and cutoff regions

Its active region (between the cutoff and saturation regions)

Its peak and valley current points

Its enhancement and depletion modes

2015-G6A08: Why must the cases of some large power transistors be insulated from ground?

To avoid shorting the collector or drain voltage to ground

To increase the beta of the transistor

To improve the power dissipation capability

To reduce stray capacitance

2015-G6A09: Which of the following describes the construction of a MOSFET?

The gate is separated from the channel with a thin insulating layer

The gate is formed by a back-biased junction

The source is separated from the drain by a thin insulating layer

The source is formed by depositing metal on silicon

2015-G6A10: Which element of a triode vacuum tube is used to regulate the flow of electrons between cathode and plate?

Control grid


Screen Grid

Trigger electrode

2015-G6A11: Which of the following solid state devices is most like a vacuum tube in its general operating characteristics?

A field effect transistor

A bipolar transistor

A tunnel diode

A varistor

2015-G6A12: What is the primary purpose of a screen grid in a vacuum tube?

To reduce grid-to-plate capacitance

To increase efficiency

To increase the control grid resistance

To decrease plate resistance

2015-G6A13: Why is the polarity of applied voltages important for polarized capacitors?

All of these choices are correct

Incorrect polarity can cause the capacitor to short-circuit

Reverse voltages can destroy the dielectric layer of an electrolytic capacitor

The capacitor could overheat and explode

2015-G6A14: Which of the following is an advantage of ceramic capacitors as compared to other types of capacitors?

Comparatively low cost

Tight tolerance

High stability

High capacitance for given volume

2015-G6A15: Which of the following is an advantage of an electrolytic capacitor?

High capacitance for a given volume

Tight tolerance

Much less leakage than any other type

Inexpensive RF capacitor

2015-G6A16: What will happen to the resistance if the temperature of a resistor is increased?

It will change depending on the resistor's temperature coefficient

It will change depending on the resistor’s reactance coefficient

It will stay the same

It will become time dependent

2015-G6A17: Which of the following is a reason not to use wire-wound resistors in an RF circuit?

The resistor's inductance could make circuit performance unpredictable

The resistor's tolerance value would not be adequate for such a circuit

The resistor could overheat

The resistor's internal capacitance would detune the circuit

2015-G6A18: What is an advantage of using a ferrite core toroidal inductor?

All of these choices are correct

Large values of inductance may be obtained

The magnetic properties of the core may be optimized for a specific range of frequencies

Most of the magnetic field is contained in the core

2015-G6A19: How should the winding axes of two solenoid inductors be oriented to minimize their mutual inductance?

At right angles to each other

In line

Parallel to each other


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