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General Class Exam Question Pool

effective 7/01/2015 thru 6/30/2019

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2015-G1E: Control categories; repeater regulations; harmful interference; third party rules; ITU regions; automatically controlled digital station

2015-G1E01: Which of the following would disqualify a third party from participating in stating a message over an amateur station?

The third party’s amateur license has been revoked and not reinstated

The third party is not a U.S. citizen

The third party is a licensed amateur

The third party is speaking in a language other than English

2015-G1E02: When may a 10-meter repeater retransmit the 2-meter signal from a station having a Technician Class control operator?

Only if the 10-meter repeater control operator holds at least a General Class license

Under no circumstances

Only if the station on 10-meters is operating under a Special Temporary Authorization allowing such retransmission

Only during an FCC declared general state of communications emergency

2015-G1E03: What is required to conduct communications with a digital station operating under automatic control outside the automatic control band segments?

The station initiating the contact must be under local or remote control

The interrogating transmission must be made by another automatically controlled station

No third party traffic maybe be transmitted

The control operator of the interrogating station must hold an Extra Class license

2015-G1E04: Which of the following conditions require a licensed Amateur Radio operator to take specific steps to avoid harmful interference to other users or facilities?

All of these choices are correct

When operating within one mile of an FCC Monitoring Station

When using a band where the Amateur Service is secondary

When a station is transmitting spread spectrum emissions

2015-G1E05: What types of messages for a third party in another country may be transmitted by an amateur station?

Only messages relating to Amateur Radio or remarks of a personal character, or messages relating to emergencies or disaster relief

Any message, as long as the amateur operator is not paid

Only messages for other licensed amateurs

Any messages, as long as the text of the message is recorded in the station log

2015-G1E06: Which of the following applies in the event of interference between a coordinated repeater and an uncoordinated repeater?

The licensee of the uncoordinated repeater has primary responsibility to resolve the interference

The licensee of the coordinated repeater has primary responsibility to resolve the interference

Both repeater licensees share equal responsibility to resolve the interference

The frequency coordinator bears primary responsibility to resolve the interference

2015-G1E07: With which foreign countries is third party traffic prohibited, except for messages directly involving emergencies or disaster relief communications?

Every foreign country, unless there is a third party agreement in effect with that country

Countries in ITU Region 2

Countries in ITU Region 1

Any country which is not a member of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

2015-G1E08: Which of the following is a requirement for a non-licensed person to communicate with a foreign Amateur Radio station from a station with an FCC-granted license at which an FCC licensed control operator is present?

The foreign amateur station must be in a country with which the United States has a third party agreement

Information must be exchanged in English

The control operator must have at least a General Class license

All of these choices are correct

2015-G1E09: What language must be used when identifying your station if you are using a language other than English in making a contact using phone emission?

English only

The language being used for the contact

Any language recognized by the United Nations

English, Spanish, French, or German

2015-G1E11: Which of the following is the FCC term for an unattended digital station that transfers messages to and from the Internet?

Automatically controlled digital station

Locally controlled station

Robotically controlled station

Fail-safe digital station

2015-G1E12: Under what circumstances are messages that are sent via digital modes exempt from Part 97 third party rules that apply to other modes of communication?

Under no circumstances

When messages are encrypted

When messages are not encrypted

When under automatic control

2015-G1E13: On what bands may automatically controlled stations transmitting RTTY or data emissions communicate with other automatically controlled digital stations?

Anywhere in the 1.25-meter or shorter wavelength bands, and in specified segments of the 80-meter through 2-meter bands

On any band segment where digital operation is permitted

Anywhere in the non-phone segments of the 10-meter or shorter wavelength bands

Only in the non-phone Extra Class segments of the bands

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