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effective 7/01/2016 thru 6/29/2020

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2016-E2D: Operating methods: VHF and UHF digital modes and procedures; APRS; EME procedures, meteor scatter procedures

2016-E2D01: Which of the following digital modes is especially designed for use for meteor scatter signals?





2016-E2D02: Which of the following is a good technique for making meteor scatter contacts?

All of these choices are correct

15 second timed transmission sequences with stations alternating based on location

Use of high speed CW or digital modes

Short transmission with rapidly repeated call signs and signal reports

2016-E2D03: Which of the following digital modes is especially useful for EME communications?





2016-E2D04: What is the purpose of digital store-and-forward functions on an Amateur Radio satellite?

To store digital messages in the satellite for later download by other stations

To upload operational software for the transponder

To delay download of telemetry between satellites

To relay messages between satellites

2016-E2D05: Which of the following techniques is normally used by low Earth orbiting digital satellites to relay messages around the world?



Multi-satellite relaying

Node hopping

2016-E2D06: Which of the following describes a method of establishing EME contacts?

Time synchronous transmissions alternately from each station

Storing and forwarding digital messages

Judging optimum transmission times by monitoring beacons reflected from the Moon

High speed CW identification to avoid fading

2016-E2D07: What digital protocol is used by APRS?





2016-E2D08: What type of packet frame is used to transmit APRS beacon data?

Unnumbered Information




2016-E2D09: Which of these digital modes has the fastest data throughput under clear communication conditions?

300 baud packet


170 Hz shift, 45 baud RTTY


2016-E2D10: How can an APRS station be used to help support a public service communications activity?

An APRS station with a GPS unit can automatically transmit information to show a mobile station's position during the event

An APRS station with an emergency medical technician can automatically transmit medical data to the nearest hospital

APRS stations with General Personnel Scanners can automatically relay the participant numbers and time as they pass the check points

All of these choices are correct

2016-E2D11: Which of the following data are used by the APRS network to communicate your location?

Latitude and longitude

Polar coordinates

Time and frequency

Radio direction finding spectrum analysis

2016-E2D12: How does JT65 improve EME communications?

It can decode signals many dB below the noise floor using FEC

It controls the receiver to track Doppler shift

It supplies signals to guide the antenna to track the Moon

All of these choices are correct

2016-E2D13: What type of modulation is used for JT65 contacts?

Multi-tone AFSK



IEEE 802.11

2016-E2D14: What is one advantage of using JT65 coding?

The ability to decode signals which have a very low signal to noise ratio

Uses only a 65 Hz bandwidth

Easily copied by ear if necessary

Permits fast-scan TV transmissions over narrow bandwidth

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