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  • “I passed with 97% due to your help!  HamTestOnline is better than just reading the book!  Much better!” — Nora, KB3QOZ
  • “I started studying on December 26, 2008, and I tested on January 11, 2009.  I passed all three exams and received the Big Ticket.  I could not have done that without your course.” — 73, Randy, AJ4NL
  • “Took the Elements 2 & 3 this morning, 35/35 on both.  Just three weeks of study, when time permitted, just shows how good your program is.  I'm going to start studying for the Extra real quick.” — Barry, KE5PTP
  • “With just a little under a month or so, your study guide really isolated the areas I was weakest in, and drilled home the proper study technique and assistance. Last Saturday, I passed the Amateur Extra exam, after sitting on my hands with a ‘General’ since the fifties. A great help!”  — Bill, K5AUS
  • “Thanks for providing such a comprehensive and well designed study program.  I passed my Extra Class exam with only one error.  It is a user-friendly and reasonably priced program.” — John, K1CCC
  • “Passed the Tech. test on 12/15/07.  I'm studying for the Gen. test I hope to take soon.”

    ***UPDATE*** “I took the General test Monday night, 1/21/08, and passed.  I could not have passed without HamTestOnline.” — Sid, KJ4BER
  • “23 Feb 07 - Passed General.  Score: 97% w/10 hours study time.  I have found that the techniques used by your site make learning the appropriate material very easy.  I tried reading books and just going over the test questions...  They are good for review, but second only to classroom instruction, your site makes learning or refreshing about as easy as it can be.  The only thing one needs to learn is to be dedicated enough to put in the time and focus on the topics as they go thru the study portion.  The technique used couldn't be much more effective or simple to use.  I had quite a bit of an electronics base from high and tech school, but have been out of the technician field since the early 80's.  I studied about 10 hours for my Element 3 test and passed it missing only 1 question.  I plan to test for my Element 4 on the 19th of March, which will be a month or less after purchasing my subscription.  I average between 1 and 4 hours per day (total) of study time, and even skip a day occasionally depending on the time I have available to study.  I plan to return to the site even after I pass my Element 4 just to finish the ‘course’ and keep things fresh in my mind at least until my subscription expires or until I reach 100% on all levels.” — Les, KB0PDX
  • “Passed extra exam 09/16/06.” — 73's Bob, W7TSS
  • “After using www.hamtestonline.com I gained the confidence and knowledge to prepare for the real thing, went to the local amateur radio club testing site, and was amazed that I was able to cruise thru the exam in a very short period of time, passing at my very first attempt at the tech class at an amazing ‘97%.’  I can only say thanks for such a wonderful service.  I am now on my way to my dream of being a licensed amateur radio operator.  I am just waiting for my call to be issued so I can begin experiencing what I have waited so long to enjoy.”  — Dean
  • “Passed Element 4 3/29/08 without difficulty after a few weeks of study.” — Michael, W2DQM
  • “I want to thank you guys for your HamTestOnline course.  It was very helpful.  I passed my General and went on to pass the element 4 Extra also on March 14 2008.  Your course was great.” — John, N2RCP
  • K0FCM “Subscribed to site on March 20 2007 and took Extra test on April 7 2007.  Could not have done it with out the help of your great site.  Can't say enough good things about it,” — Clark, K0FCM
  • “Thank you for assisting in getting my license upgrade.  I will be back in the near future to upgrade my license again.” — David, KC9FHY
  • “Your online study and tests, as they were very helpful to me in getting my Tech. Ticket on Sat. Oct 30, 2004. We had 38-41 in our class, and only two failures....I think at the most I missed one or maybe two, anyway, I was one of the passing group, & now awaiting my ticket arrival in mail.  Will study the General over the winter and try to take in the spring...was a novice 40 years ago...best 73's ....”  — Larry
  • “I've been using HamTestOnline for about a week now and love it.  You've done a fantastic job.   Again, love the website - keep up the good work.  73,” — Steve

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